Essential Care

It is imperative that after you have installed your flooring that you maintain your humidity levels consistently throughout the year to reduce the amount of expansion and contraction that your floors will endure. Proper humidity levels should be between 35%-48%. To gage the humidity levels of your home, you can get a hygrometer, which is an instrument used to measure the moisture content of the atmosphere. We live in a country where we have extreme temperature variances. Temperature fluctuation will affect the humidity levels in your home. Excessive humidity can cause your floors to swell and cup. The proper way to maintain your humidity levels is to get a dehumidifier and run it at the proper settings. The air conditioner and heater can also be used to lower the humidity in your home. However, excessive dryness can cause your wood to shrink, which will create gaps between the boards. A humidifier can be used to maintain proper levels. It is beneficial to maintain a stable and structurally sound floor. Maintaining proper humidity levels in your home will extend the life of your hardwood, and keep your floors looking beautiful.


Expressions Lumber provides a lifetime structural warranty as long as the flooring installation and care are in compliance with the guidelines of the NOWFA/NWFA. Expression Lumber warrants that the products have been manufactured in compliance with the grading rules of Expressions Lumber, and will be free from manufacturing defects, which are limited to improper milling or improper drying only. Manufacturing defects do not include natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, grain variation, and normal minor differences between color samples and the color of the installed floors. These are normal characteristics and are not defects.