Specialty Items

Parquet uses small pieces of wood to create a very distinct traditional pattern consisting of an arranged geometric pattern.


  • Parquet has been around for over 3 centuries,originally developed for the extravagant Palace of Versailles.
  • Conveniently styled squares.
  • Its multi-piece construction offers a 3D appearance
  • Intended for glue-down applications.
  • Can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors.
  • Available in standard solid 3/8" Thickness
  • Available in prefinished or unfinished solid
  • Can be installed on, above or below grade
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Thinner profile than many solids.
  • Easy to clean and generally resistant to spills and stains.
  • Parquet has an environmental advantage over other flooring materials as it produces little waste to maximize the use of the lumber.


  • Wood flooring at an affordable price
  • All the natural elegance and beauty of wood
  • High-quality finish
  • Fast, simple installation, with no dust and odors
  • Mosaic pattern made up four squares
  • Available Species: Red Oak and Maple


In its natural state, parquet is prone to staining and damage, however, once sanded and finished the surface will be well protected. Needs to be sanded by a professional for best results. The advantage to getting unfinished parquet is that you can customize your stain to achieve various design options. Available Species: Red Oak, Maple and Birch

Strip Flooring

3/8" Thick

Red Oak Select and Better
White Oak Select and Better
Maple Select and Better
Red Oak #1 Common
White Oak #1 Common
Maple #1 Common
Available Sizes
1 1⁄2" x 3/8"x RL
1 3⁄4" x 3/8"x RL
2" x 3/8"x RL
Available Species
Red Oak, White Oak,
Maple, Red Oak Quarter
and Rift, White Oak Quarter and Rift
Available Grades
Select and Better and #1 Common

3/8" Thick

Available Sizes
1 1⁄2" x 1⁄2" x RL
1 3⁄4" x 1⁄2" x RL
2 1⁄2" x 1⁄2" x RL
Available Species
Red Oak, White Oak, Maple
Available Grades
Select and Better and #1 Common *We can also customize any size