Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany, commonly known as Cabreuva, is one of the most sought after exotic species. It has a moderate amount of color variation between boards, ranging from a lighter golden brown to a darker purplish red or burgundy. It has gorgeous gold and yellow overtones. The heartwood consists of reddish brown deposits. Much like many of the exotic species, Santos Mahogany deepens and darkens in color over time, however the color change is minimal compared to some of the other exotic species. When exposed to intense light it shows moderate to very pronounced color variation. Santos Mahogany is not related to true Mahogany although it resembles it in appearance. Santos Mahogany is actually much denser, harder and stronger than actual Mahogany.


  • Very durable and resists denting and traffic wear reasonable well
  • Dense
  • Relatively stable
  • Photosensitive
  • Shows rich color throughout the entire thickness of the board which helps to disguise wear marks
  • Can be installed on or above grade

Grain: Generally uniform, fine and even grain. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to fine texture.
Hardness: 2200 Janka Hardness Scale, as compared to Red oak- 1290 & Hard Maple- 1450.
Durability: Santos Mahogany flooring is incredibly hard and dense. It is only 6% softer then Brazilian Cherry/Jatoba. Over 60% Harder than white oak and over 70% harder then red oak.
Widths: Available in solid planks only 2 ¼”, 3 ¼”, 4”, 5”.
Weight: 3.6lbs per sq.ft.
Thickness: 3/4”
Available in: Square-Edge and Bevel-Edge

In its natural state, Santos Mahogany shows very pronounced color variation when exposed to intense light. Average board length is 38”