White Oak

White oak has a very neutral color and grain. Heartwood is a nutty light brown and some boards may have a slight grayish cast. Sapwood is white to cream. White Oak is ideal for custom staining. Synonymous with high quality and durability, white oak has been used for more than a century in flooring. It is usually installed in rooms subject to heavy foot traffic. When stained, the grain on white oak is usually not as pronounced as red oak. White oak is a commodity item and is available in all types styles and sizes of ooring. Occasional crotches, swirls and burls. White oak is also available in rift and quartered sawn. White oak is a magnicent option for high-end homes and upscale buildings, but can be suitable for any design project.


  • Stiff and dense
  • Has a high shock and wear resistance
  • Heavy, hard and tough
  • Well suited for residential and commercial applications
  • European aesthetic
  • Absorbs finishes more evenly then red oak
  • Can be installed on or above grade

Grain: White oak is mostly straight grained and creates a floor with a strong, clean look.
Hardness: 1360 Janka Hardness Scale, 5% harder than Northern red oak.
Durability: More durable than red oak. Tannic acid in the wood protects it from fungi and insects.
Widths: Available in solid planks 2 ¼ to11.
Weight: 3.14 lbs per sq.ft.
Thickness: 3/4”
Available in: Square-Edge and Bevel-Edge


Showing a slight degree of color variation compared to the Clear Grade, allows only pin knots and very minimal mineral streaking. Available in Plain sawn, Rift and Quartered, Rift Only, and Quartered Only. Average board length is 39”.


Allows prominent natural variation in color, with various imperfections and obvious character marks. Open knots permitted up to a dime size and through holes are allowed up to 1/4” width. Average board length is 48”


Allows color variations and various minor sound knots, mineral streaks and other characters permitted. Available in Plain sawn, Rift and Quartered, Rift Only, and Quartered Only. Average board length is 33”.