American Cherry

American Cherry, also commonly referred to as Black Cherry, is a light, reddish-brown hardwood with a satiny fine grain that ages to a rich patina. Although there are different grades available, there is an exquisite amount of color variation, which makes this a truly unique wood. Heartwood is dark to reddish brown, while the sapwood is a light brown to pale tone. American Cherry is the most sought after Northern hardwoods. It is considered an American exotic.


  • Very Stable
  • Use in light traffic areas
  • Satiny texture
  • Darkens with age creating a deep red floor
  • Photo-sensitive
  • American Exotic
  • Can be installed on or above grade

Grain: Fine, frequently wavy, uniform texture.
Hardness: 950 Janka Hardness Scale, 26% softer than Northern red oak.
Durability: Soft and susceptible to compression. Usually considered too soft for an entire door. Mostly used for accents and borders.
Widths: Available in solid planks 2 ¼”, 3 ¼”, 4”, 5”
Weight: 2.31 lbs per sq.ft.
Thickness: 3/4”
Available in: Square-Edge and Bevel-Edge


Mostly heartwood with a minimum number of character marks and discoloration that provides a uniform appearance while allowing for natural color variations in the heartwood. Pin knots are permitted. Average board length is 39”


Character Grade(#1 Common) flooring with a long average length. All character and imperfections are permitted. This flooring will have extensive color variation. Pencil width knots are allowed to go all the way through the board. Average board length is 32”.