Yellow Birch

Yellow Birch is an even-textured cream or light brown hardwood that has radiant brown decks and warm undertones. It consists of a relatively close, straight grain that gives birch a fairly even texture. Heartwood is a light reddish brown with red highlights, and has sapwood that is nearly white. There is virtually no color distinction between annual growth rings, therefore giving Birch a comparatively uniform appearance. However, occasionally some pieces will have a curly or wavy look. When exposed to light, Birch has the benefit of showing minimal color variation.


  • Plenty of color variation
  • Tight, closed grain with even texture
  • Creamy yellow
  • Sporadic curly grain or wavy figure in some board
  • Can be installed on or above grade

Grain: Yellow Birch is similar to maple in grain, but has more color.
Hardness: 1260 Janka Hardness Scale, 2% softer than American red oak.
Durability: Moderately dense, moderately strong.
Widths: Available in solid planks 2 ¼” to 5”.
Weight: 2.77 lbs per sq.ft.
Thickness: 3/4”
Available in: Square-Edge and Bevel-Edge


This floor will be more than 50% yellow with some red heartwood. This is our cleanest grade allowing only minor pin knots. Average board length is 39”.


This floor will be more than 50% yellow with some red heartwood. Various imperfections and obvious character marks are allowed. Open knots permitted up to a dime size that do not go through the board. Average board length is 23”