Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut is an incredibly dense and has a very fine grain. It consists of moderate to high color variations. Heartwood has color ranging from a yellowish-tan with green/olive overtones, to a dark chocolate brown. Sapwood tends to be grayish in color. The combination of durability and beauty will give you a spectacularly elegant floor.


  • Resists denting and traffic wear very well
  • Very dense and heavy
  • Used in medium to high-end residential and commercial applications
  • One of the hardest and most durable flooring options available
  • Perfect for areas that have high levels of foot traffic
  • The hardest species that we have available

Grain: The grain on the Brazilian Walnut can be either fine and straight or very irregular.
Hardness: 3684 Janka Scale Hardness (almost 3 times as hard as oak).
Durability: Extremely durable floor.
Widths: Available in solid planks only 2 ¼”, 3 ¼”, 4”, 5”
Weight: 3.9 lbs per sq.ft.
Thickness: 3/4”
Available in: Square-Edge and Bevel-Edge

Ipe will have an even reddish brown appearance. Much color variation will be present from blackish brown to green, red, and yellow. Average board length is 38”